5 Ways to Declutter Your Event

It’s a fact that experiential events are the best way to establish personal connections with your target audience as well as with your potential partners, sponsors, stakeholders.

When holding a momentous event of any kind, proper planning is crucial to ensure the success of the event. A clumsily organised event can do more damage to the reputation of a business or organisation; and if such is a possible outcome then its better to not host an event at all!

Yes, we all know that a whole lot goes into the planning of an event; from the initial conception and idea generation stage to setting the flow of events during D-day just right! With so many to-do lists to attend to and things to look into, it is indeed a humongous task to host a successful event.

Thus, in order to host a clutter-free and glitch-free event what should your approach be like?

Simple and Effective. Shobiz 7-01Plan Well, Plan Smart:

A successful event offers an engaging experience to its audience. Therefore it is important to declutter your agenda and eliminate components that aren’t engaging your attendees. Give them what they want! The first step to achieving this is to grasp what your guests are looking for.

Here are a few ideas that get you thinking about how best you can engage your attendees :

  1. Drive engagement through Gamification
  2. Ways in which AI can enhance the event experience
  3. How can AR and VR intensify your events?
  4. How a Mobile App can drive engagement to your event?

Study your Audience

An attendee’s experience is vital to your event being a success, and networking at an event is especially critical.

What brings your attendees joy?

To solve this puzzle, simply ask them! Use surveys and your social media channels to gather direct feedback. Comb through past survey results to learn what worked and what didn’t. Study current trends in event planning and event tech to find new inspiration.

Wondering how best you can gather feedback. Read this!


Sometimes we get stuck in our rut and don’t realise the importance of brainstorming with teammates. Few event staples are tried and tested & you are sure they will work just fine. However, using the same tactics time & again can result in your event being repetitive and boring; this could result in lower attendance, loss of revenue and/or negative reviews.

Thus, finding a balance between what the audience wants, what has worked in the past and what needs to be done differently this time round is key!

Digital Sweep

There is no need to micromanage the event with an excess of spreadsheets and documents. Instead, make use of event apps.

They help you sort through each file, merge important information and discard what is no longer needed.

There exist registration systems, event apps and/or management tools for a reason.

To know more here’s an article that gives more insights on how to use mobile app for an event: How a Mobile App can Drive Engagement to your Event?

Onsite Event Registration

Your registration kiosk is the first part of your guests’ experience. Create a peaceful, easy and warm welcome by using a digital check-in counter or on-demand badge printing. Doing so will eliminate the embarrassment and hassle of misprints and make your event look tech-savvy!

There are many more ways to declutter an event in addition to the pointers mentioned above. Have thoughts on the same? Tell us by commenting below!

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