Experiential Events are a key & fundamental element of modern marketing. Over the years, they have proven to be a reliable medium to launch products, reward customers, and promote networking among employees/stakeholders, among other things.

And while the dynamics of event marketing have changed over the years, n number of myths have come to be associated with this industry too. Today, we are breaking some of these myths and laying the bare facts out for you to read.

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Event management doesn’t require any skills or training:

People seemingly assume Experiential Event Management to be an effortless task. However, what people overlook is the effort that goes into putting the event together – the wrangling with the vendors, negotiating with the venue owners, dealing with the numerous obstacles that pop up leading up to the event and much more. To make it absolutely clear, event management requires myriad skills ranging from creativity, to negotiations, to client handling to managing diverse stakeholders. Therefore, an event can be executed flawlessly only under the guidance of a skilled event manager/planner.

Event management is vital only for huge events

Absolutely NOT!

Event management isn’t a trend but a service industry that plays a pivotal role in aiding brands to put together impactful experiences. Events where the attendee count is not too high or the budget isn’t too big, still do require expert management.

Maximum operations take place on the day of the event

People perceive that the real work for events happens only or largely on the day of the event. However, this isn’t true at all! In fact, most of the work pertaining to the event commences weeks rather months prior to the actual event. This work includes venue selection, strategy, co-ordination with vendors, designing, marketing, and countless other activities. The whole event is the manifestation of all the hard work and dedicated efforts taken collectively by the event management team, over a period of a month (at least) prior to the event.

Event management is glamorous

People believe event management to be a glamorous job; young men and women walking around with walkie-talkies sharing a laugh here and there! But clearly, that’s not the case. Behind the apparent glamour, there’s a lot of hard-work, effort, time and patience that goes into crafting the perfect event experience.

So, there you have it. Myths about experiential event marketing busted. However, let the above not make you think or believe that the events space is boring or in fact too exacting. It’s fun, super exciting and a robust industry to be a part of.

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