How A Mobile App Can Drive Engagement To Your Event?


The year in which a mobile phone was invented. A simple device that solely addressed the purpose of calling. But since then, the mobile industry has tremendously evolved and the primary purpose of a smartphone has moved from calling to a whole lot more.

It would be an understatement to say that the mobile has created a massive impact and benefitted every industry. And, of course, the experiential event industry too has advanced immensely due to the phenomenal inventions in mobile technology.

For one, Mobile Apps work as a platform to communicate and drive engagement to an event. To the extent that a well planned mobile app can be a major determinant to an event’s success.

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Here’s why,

Let’s you Stay Connected With An Activity Feed: An Activity Feed in a mobile app is a place where you can update important information and interesting facts regarding your event. This lets you communicate with active and passive audiences. It creates curiosity and hype amongst the delegates about your event even before it has started. It not only permits them to engage with your brand but also with other interested attendees.

You Can Keep Track Of Sessions With Agenda Builder: Large format events include plenty of sessions which are spanned over a couple of days. Keeping a track of what is going to happen on which day may get confusing. But including an agenda builder to the event app offers a good solution to this problem. Armed with this, delegates can plan their schedule in advance based on what the event has to offer and this will greatly enhance their experience of the event.

Allows You To Share On Social Media Platforms: Attendees love sharing their beautiful and unique experiences on different social media platforms. If delegates can directly connect to their social accounts through the event app then there is nothing better that can be done to generate hype and curiosity. The key is to offer convenience to your audience so they post more willingly and enthusiastically about your event in a way that generates more buzz. And also, to always keep them coming back to the app.

Can Be Relevant and Timely With Push Notifications: Important timely reminders about the event are a great way to create top of the mind recall. If the app notification settings are on then event planners can send reminders to attendees on their smartphone that appear as pop-ups. But ensure that you’re absolutely relevant while sending these messages because irrelevant ones will irritate and annoy the audience which, in turn, will be bad for the event.

Encourages Interaction and Competition With Gamification: Whether a child or an adult, games create an entertaining podium to interact with them. Including amusing yet informative games to the event app will effortlessly grab their attention and lead to excellent engagement amongst all attendees. It’s a plus point if you reward the winners with goodies or extra points that can be redeemed. Gamification directly targets the delegates who are really interested in the event and has the ability to bring them back to the app for more.

For decades now, we at Shobiz, an experiential marketing agency, have been at the forefront of new technology adoptions in the events space. Our focus has always been on fulfilling client expectations and delivering results that lead to attendee satisfaction. And hence, we have integrated mobile apps in events where the fit has been seamless.

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