How Tech is Personalising Event Experience

The image of an event as a social gathering has completely changed. Events now have become a powerful and effective marketing tool and a platform for people from all over the globe to meet and network for business purposes.

Attendees look for a unique event experience that caters to them, specifically. According to Contently, 56% of marketers insist personalised content drives higher engagement. This is why it is essential to make sure that the attendees have a memorable event experience in order to convert them into your loyal attendees and thus, achieve event success.

You would be wondering “how to achieve this?”, the answer lies in two words; Event Technology. With technology at your disposal, here are few ways in which you can give your event attendees the personalised event experience they demand.

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Customize Attendee Experience with Event Apps

Mobile apps for events are definitely gaining popularity within the business due to the benefits they offer. For one, apps can be used to communicate with attendees about real-time changes on the ground, and amazing activities that are going on that attendees may not know about. Apps let attendees mark their favourite bits and activities so that they can create a personal schedule for themselves and plan their day accordingly. Once they’ve marked their favourites, you as an event planner have access to this information. And then, you can use this to send them personalised notifications and engage with them in a truly customised manner. You can also observe this data to analyse which elements of the event people were most excited about.

Personalised Attendee Communication

Artificial intelligence may seem futuristic, but in reality, it has an amazing impact on events. AI has now become an impressive perk for attendees, and part of their experience. AI improves business processes to build and customise customer engagement, and subsequently helps in boosting revenues by providing your event with a competitive lead. Trust us when we say that, AI in events has ample benefits.

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RFID Wristbands

RFID (radio-frequency identification) wristbands sincerely speed up entry to an event and also help make payments within the event as fast as possible. RFID wristbands allow attendees to do cashless payments. They can add their payment data to their RFID wristband before the event, thereby making payments a breeze. Literally!

Helps Attendees Share their Experiences on Social Me

Nearly half of millennials attend live events, so that they can share their experience on social media. As an event planner, you must work towards planning your event in a manner that makes it more social media friendly. This will help you spread the word about your event, up engagement with the current crowd and attract potential attendees.

Undoubtedly, advanced technology can make your event experience stand out. To learn more about the upcoming and existing technologies that will leave a good impression on your attendees, check out our blog on Digital Technologies to Look Out for in 2019

At Shobiz, we endeavour to create exceptional experiences that give out the intangible message of your brand and leave a lifelong impact on the minds of the attendees.

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