How To Curate An Event With Experiential Marketing?

Time and again experiential marketing has been successful in bringing to life, larger bolder, bigger & rather imaginative experiences for brands. Today, the phenomenal podium that it has created for itself speaks volumes of its capabilities as there’s a rising demand for leading experiential marketing companies.

In this day and age, every individual is truly aware about the enormous power and capabilities of experiential marketing. It creates loyal customers but overall strives to increase the Customer LifeTime Value of any brand.

So then, how does one go about planning and executing an experiential event? By having the right goals in place, of course!

  • To create an emotional and impactful connection with the delegates
  • To effortlessly attract the attention of all media and influencers
  • To execute an outstandingly fun and interactive social media exposure and Mainly, to make any ordinary brand, extra-ordinary

To achieve these key goals, your event must entail the below aspects:


Content Generating Stunts: Words are the strongest weapon used in any event. A little bit of twisting and twirling of letters can generate a hype that you would have never anticipated. A huge amount of creativity is absolutely needed to create out-of-the-box content.

Immersive Experience: Why do we attend events? Because we are invited? Maybe. But in reality every individual present at any event has the desire to feel involved and engaged with the brand or the product or the service on display. An event is called successful when it has dutifully enabled personalised communication with each attendee. The method of reach could be anything, games, quizzes, polls, trivia questions, interactive sessions, special zones, dances, performances and what not.

One great example that comes to mind is the spectacular vForum event organised by the team at Shobiz. During this multi-day, large format event we impeccably designed a Special Silent Zone arena where the attendees could wear their headsets and hear important speakers give insight and thus, gain valuable information without getting affected or disturbed by the general activity happening all around.

Product Showcase: So many times, event planners scratch their heads off to come up with some incredibly unique idea. What they conveniently forget is the power of the product for which they are organising the event. If the event held is for a product that every delegate is keen to touch, feel and test, then product showcase is an absolute must for that event. And this rings absolutely true in the case of SmartPhones and Automobiles.

Quality Matters: It’s said only big budget events can deliver quality. That’s absolutely untrue. Either big or small, each event must focus on the quality of experience it provides. Quality includes everything, how the members are treated, the ambience, the food, the organisation and the execution.

And last but never the least, and extremely crucial fact is that every event planner must keep up with the latest technological trends like mobile apps, websites, AR, VR amongst others.

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