How to Turn your Attendees into Brand Advocates

Entrepreneur Chen Wang personified a brand advocate as “the most honest and passionate customer” who can and who will influence myriad potential clients.

Web-based social networking ads or an appealing website won’t connect much when contrasted with a brand advocate promoting your company.

When designing events at Shobiz, our aim always is to ensure that the entire event experience is attendee-customer driven. It is our aim to infuse the brand’s/company’s persona into an event and to make the attendees experience the same to the fullest. As an event planner we take it to be our responsibility to try and convert attendees into brand advocates. And this is how we go about it.

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Operate Exclusive Events

Arranging meetings of vital pioneers will immediately turn out to be more alluring or a VIP reception for the attendees will surely boost them to be your brand advocates. A top-notch event will dependably pull in potential brand supporters and make them want to talk about your company.

Solve Problems during Events

The ultimate aim is to gain more brand advocates, so channelling your efforts into points, figures or only offering the attendees informative content won’t help.  Instead, we organise an event around a problem-solving concept and look out for obstacles the attendees might be facing. Then we try & figure out how to overcome them; trust us when we say that this strategy will definitely help you earn a few loyal brand advocates.

Keep the Attendees Engaged Post-Event

Attendees won’t become brand advocates out of the blue. You’ve got to work smart to maintain your brand’s commitment towards your attendees’ post the event too. Apart from the standard thank-you emails and post-event surveys, draw in your audience by sharing relevant content that was talked about during the event, share tokens on products/services, offer free trials, or invite them to future exclusive gatherings.

Boost Employee Advocacy

Brand promotions begin with your employees first. As it is stated, start from inside first! Involving employees & getting them to perceive your work/ideas/strategy before the audience sees it will empower the employees to be brand advocates in their own right. This will not just build up a steady brand voice but will additionally enhance the overall credibility of your company and the work that you do.

Gather Your Tribe

There’s no marketing like word-of-mouth marketing. Therefore, clients that appreciate your work and employees that openly advocate about working in your company must be honoured and respected. Gather your time and keep them close!

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