How VR can elevate your experiential marketing campaigns

The ever-increasing significance of experiential marketing is no new news. And with new trends come new ways to make it even better. Virtual reality is one such change that has taken experiential marketing campaigns to a whole new level.

Here’s how Virtual Reality is raising the bar of experiential marketing campaigns

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Provides Unconventional Experience

Imagine yourself actually getting to experience that fantasy world you always read or heard about as a child. Now, who would miss such a golden opportunity! That’s what Virtual Reality is all about, about endowing your audience with highly immersive and unconventional experiences. It will also increase your customer’s participation with the brand.

Moreover, it’s the latest “cool” thing in the market and today, everybody wants to be the part of the so-called “cool” thing, don’t they?


As they say, “There’s no substitute for a practical experience”. No matter how detailed information you provide or how simply you explain to your attendees about your product or services, nothing can beat the impact of a real-time experience. The fact is that the attendees won’t get a cent percent idea of what you are talking about unless they experience it by themselves. Plus, it is a stated fact that human minds respond to virtual environments the same way they do to real ones. So why not show your audience what your product/service is all about and make it more impactful!?

Increase in Engagement

Virtual Reality is proved to have more attention seeking power than the traditional experiential marketing operations. It is evidently more engaging with its competency to make the audience experience something without them being physically present there. Such captivating experiences will not only capture the attendee’s interests but will engage them emotionally. And when people are emotionally engaged they connect to the brand and not just its product or services. Thereby increasing the chances of them engaging with the brand even after the event is over.

Thus, incorporating Virtual Reality in your event activation is one of the best bets to elevate the overall experience for your attendees.

We at Shobiz are always at the forefront of delivering an exceptional experiential marketing campaign in an effective & efficient manner. We always strive to push the boundaries of our creativity to a whole new level to give our clients a phenomenal service. So if you are someone who wants to create an avant-garde experience for your audience, you must reach out to us!

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