How our clients will benefit from our ISO certification

In the event industry, the flow of information between agencies and their clients is endless. Companies  share confidential information with agencies before events to create a variety of marketing collateral like presentations, information booklets, e-mailer campaigns, etc. More often than not, the type of information shared by companies contains details on sales, business wise performance and customer strategies amongst much else. It is necessary for companies to work with agencies they can trust to manage their data securely, preventing information loss and mismanagement.

Data Flow

Fig 1: Continuous and extensive data flow between agencies and clients

It is also necessary to keep data updated so that companies can use it as and when required. With the roll out of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union and India set to introduce its own version of privacy protection, refurbishing user data has become critical; companies want to avoid any negative impact and publicity that may arise from sending out unsolicited communication. Event management companies must take proactive measures to ensure their clients’ information is reliable at all times which leads to increased efficiency and a higher ROI from each event.

With Shobiz now being awarded with ISO 27001:2013 certification, Shobiz is required to keep information updated. This has many benefits for our clients specifically during the audience acquisition process for large scale events. Updated data increases reliability; it ensures that marketing campaigns target the right people and allows marketing managers to tailor their communications to their audience. This focused targeting and messaging increases the chances of higher lead generation and conversion.

As part of the ISO certification, our clients can be assured of higher data security controls and confidentiality at all times. As is standard for an ISO certification, the process to protect data is well documented and there is a clear process defined to ensure confidentiality.

Our certification also ensures faster disaster recovery with defined Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) which are the most important parameters of a disaster recovery and business continuity plan. By abiding by the ISO procedure for disaster recovery, we ensure high availability of data within the defined RPO and RTO.


Fig 2: Faster recovery with RPO & RTO

Finally, with Shobiz managing all the aspects of information security, marketing teams can increase their efficiency and achieve what matters the most; making the event a success.

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