To create a customized, immersive brand launch that emphasized the premium quality of the product while giving the guest a real-world experience.


Integrating the mantra 'Less is More', we set out to curate a unique immersive ambience using tons of innovative technology and a unique approach in design to launch the OnePlus 7T and One Plus TV.


2500+ Attendees, a 35,000 sq. ft venue, an 18,000 sq. ft. experience zone and over 2000 registered users in 2 hours. Syncing with the vision of the OnePlus Team, we created a larger than life experience that could match the highest standard in the industry. Spread across 35000 sq. ft. of the gigantic Indira Gandhi Stadium, our dedicated teams transformed the entire venue into a visually stunning captivating setup. Televisions were subtly embedded into the stage, which were later ascended from the stage using robotic arms. The look and feel of the entire set up was clean and minimalistic to highlight the focus on the premium look and feel of the product.

Another important aspect brought to life to ensure guests get a real-world experience of the product was our series of "living rooms" designed across 18000 sq. ft. Each of these zones reflected different interior settings and tastes, so that the product could be experienced in their true environments. These experience zones were spacious and thoughtfully zoned for tv and gaming experience.


"OnePlus 7 series launch was, by far, the biggest and most complex launch we had to date. From idea conceptualization, to planning, to on-site production of zone replicas all the way to the actual launch event execution, Shobiz has been with us. The team at Shobiz once again showed that they can successfully pull off some of the most complex projects in the country whilst challenging established practices in the industry."