360° Value Added Services

360° Value Added Services

Integrated campaigns is where its at. Far from a buzz word but because 'integrated' is how we live in the converged digital age – and brands who want to engage audiences in a sustained relationship need to tailor their outreach accordingly.

From laptop to tablet to phone and from Facebook groups to virtual and real hangouts: Today's audiences interact with the world around them through an array of channels – each of them with their own nuances. For brands to make a truly meaningful impact on today's audience, they must tailor their marketing program to reflect the manner in which their audience engages with the world at large.

Shobiz offers its clients the combined might of an extensive array of Below-the-Line toolsets to enhance and amplify a core marketing asset. For today's marketer this means multiple potential inroads with the Target Group, exponential return on investment and an experience that counts.