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SHOBIZ – Experiential Brand Solutions that Impact Your Business.

We're Shobiz : a multidisciplinary experiential communications company

We partner clients and brands to realize their marketing objectives by impacting the focus target audiences and markets with unique and disruptive solutions

We're headquartered in Mumbai with a network of branches across India. We're supported by an alliance of strategic partnerships across the globe.

With our enduring client relationships that date back to the inception of the company, a client roster that sports more Fortune 500 companies than it lacks and over 3 decades in this business, there's a reason we say EXPERIENCE COUNTS

“Shobiz' vision is to deliver experiential brand solutions that Impact our clients businesses. It is a proven fact that once a customer test drives a car his chances of buying the car drastically increase. We envision giving millions of prospective customers a firsthand test drive of brands that can enrich their everyday life. We create experiences such that the intangible message of a brand comes alive and becomes a lifelong experience for a customer. We believe 'experience counts' and it's imprinted on every wall of the organization!”

Sameer Tobaccowala
Chief Executive Officer