4 Technology Trends Shaping The Future of Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing agencies curate larger than life events with the use of the most updated technologies. Thus, such agencies are always on the lookout for the newest or the latest technology available in the market that can be used to upscale any event. Research says that technologically advanced events can increase attendance by 20%, productivity by 27% and decrease costs by around 30%.

Agencies leading the Experiential Marketing bandwagon are already using incredible technologies like RFID tags or self – registration kiosks to execute smooth and flawless registration processes and/or creating massive 3D wall set-ups to attract the attention of the audience. While innovative right now, in the long run, this will not be enough!

Hence to keep up with the expectations of the clients and to organise one of a kind events, it is imperative for experiential event planners to experiment with new and excellent technologies.

Here are some amazing technology trends that will shape the Future of all upcoming Events Experiences:

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Projection Mapping: A projector is usually displayed on a flat surface and can only be installed in a particular place. Displaying some cool and trendy facts regarding the purpose of your event on a projector is very old school. But Projection Mapping is a sleek way to make any event eye-catchy and interesting. Projection Mapping allows you to turn any surface whether straight or curvy or even an individual or performers on stage into 3D interactive displays.

5G:  The day 5G enters the market, it will bring about a massive revolution with it. We are all going to forget the impact and speed of 4G, very similar to how 4G overpowered the 2G and 3G networks.

5G will create such a magnificent impact that it mostly will replace Wi-Fi as well. But, how will 5G network impact large scale events? With 5G, experiential marketing planners will be able to plan flawless and smooth events without worrying about inadequate wi-fi speed. App developers will be able to create large format app for events because of the incredible speed that will be offered by it. So yes, the potential is endless and exciting at the same time!

Multi-Function Apps: Experiential Marketing Agencies are known to curate large format events. And large-format events have a lot going on in them, at the same time! An app is a brilliant way to connect with everyone in a large-format event and at the same time to make the event that much more interesting. For one, an app can help build engagement and generate hype prior to the event. Secondly, the app can keep the audience engaged by way of interactive games like quizzes, trivia and more. Thirdly, the app is a great way to collect feedback about the event. So yes, given that an app has such multi-faceted uses, it will be integrated into more & more experience driven events.

LED Screen & Registrations

When we say LED screens, don’t think about stand alone 42″ or 56″ screens. Think about magnanimous, wall-to-floor, 100ft and more LED screens. These are so huge that they have the power to carry your brand message far and wide and leave an impressionable impact!

Talking about registrations, gone are the days of pen-paper driven registrations or those that required immense human intervention. With self check-in kiosks, and RFID tags, registrations are smooth, devoid of human interaction (thus, error) and are indeed, fast paced.

Know of anymore technology trends that are shaping the future of experiential marketing? Comment below and let’s start a conversation around the same!

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