How Brands can Embrace the Age of “Experiential Marketing”

We live in an ‘experience’ society, where people value experiences more and are even ready to spend extra on it. Today, people are saturated with information; they want something exciting, something that emotionally connects them with the brand, a memorable brand-affair!

Experiential marketing is that technique which creates unforgettable real-life experiences and is gaining maximum mileage in the event marketing world. In order to stay relevant and to ensure that the connect with the consumers is made stronger, it is imperative (and only logical) for every brand to embrace this marketing technique if they want to ensure the long-term perpetuity of their business.

To know how you as a brand, be it big or small, can embrace this ongoing and remarkably effective marketing trend, read on!

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Immersive Storytelling

Our attention span is getting shorter day by day and just telling the audience what, why & how of your product/service is not going to attract much of their attention. Today’s marketing is all about conversing with your audience, getting them to engage with your brand; and immersive storytelling is one such activation that will help you deliver not just a marketing campaign but an experiential marketing campaign.

The ultimate aim of immersive storytelling is to give people the feeling of actually ‘being there’, just like experiential marketing, where the goal of the event is to involve the audience with the brand. And this can be achieved by incorporating AR & VR in the marketing activation.


There’s no “one campaign fits all” strategy when it comes to experiential marketing. A beauty workshop may work for a cosmetic brand but will definitely not work for a clothing brand. Hence, it is important for brands to consider their target audience when strategising over the event and plan accordingly.

By capturing data on the desired target audience, studying the performance of past events etc. you can define event activations & operations to be undertaken.

Creating an Authentic Experience

While generating sales/leads is a good objective to have, you must look at providing a great brand experience to your customer. Instead, of having a marketing event with the sole objective of selling, try to focus more on the experience you are delivering to your audience. Better the experience, higher the level of consumer engagement. And an engaging consumer is no longer just your consumer but your LOYAL consumer, your brand advocate.

So, next time you plan a marketing event, make certain your aim is to convert your customers/prospects into loyal customer by creating indelible moments which they will cherish for a lifetime.

At Shobiz, we have been creating experiential events for over a decade now and our experts know exactly how to create a remarkable experiential event after understanding the requirements of the clients. So hit us up and we will help you craft unforgettable and unique Experiential Marketing solutions for your brand.

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