Interview with Sidhant Saxena, Vice President, Strategic Business Unit

We caught up with Sidhant Saxena, Vice President, Shobiz to discuss how to manage Large Scale Events

1. According to you how have experiential events improved brand experiences?

Brands create impact through the perception and thought-provoking imagery. Experiential events are all about leveraging these to achieve brand objectives. These events are powerful tools that help in creating the right impact to convey a the desired brand message to the intended target audience. As experiential events are all about storytelling, using the right tools is essential to create the necessary brand impact.

2. What are the key aspects that make large scale events successful?

How well you can translate the brand/campaign essence on ground. This should include some key elements which can be translated into talking points for the target audience and the industry. I feel the most important aspect is being thoughtful towards each element and connecting it to the core message.

3. How does technology play a role in successful in successfully managing a large event?

We are living in an era dominated by technology and it’s only going to grow in significance. Using the right technology to create impactful campaigns or events is a necessity now. You can say it’s the language of millennials and gen X. From automation to creating virtual space and much more has become more of basics of our drawing board to create a compelling narrative.

4. What skills do you think event managers should have to pull off large events?

Remain grounded to basics, nothing large can happen without right basics. Eye for details and thorough planning. Run the event in your mind on repeat mode and remove all ifs, buts, what can happen, what might happen and what should happen. Teamwork is the key, no one individual can make this happen.

5. Any advice for young professionals contemplating a career in the events industry?

Don’t run alongside of what is just happening around. Think big, think ahead and think future. Be inspired to experiments new things and make it happen. Only if you dream big, will you end up achieving some.

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