New Year’s Resolutions that Every Event Creator Breaks – How to Do Better

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? We are already in the second month of 2019.

We all commit to a few resolutions every new year. But how earnestly do we follow them? Event professionals are no exception when it comes to setting resolutions.

Their goals are often variations of past goals; achieve a better work-life balance, learn to relax, improve performance and many more.

In reality, its human nature to want to grow and improve but resolutions are sure to dump if you keep making the same ones year after year without a strong plan.

Continue reading, and check out which New Year’s resolutions you have been making since years and how a little twist to them can make your resolutions ultimately work.

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Add Ingenious Technology to your Next Event

It’s a human tendency to want events to be significant, better, and more impressive every year. But bringing in Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), Live Streaming facilities might be beyond the budget, team capabilities or may be unnecessary for the event.

Try this: If you notice something excellent at an event, try to think about how can you apply it on a smaller scale in your event. Perhaps, find an alternative to the expensive media if budget is the constraint. Keep checking and learning from inspiring festivals/events/shows and initiate by applying a small element to your upcoming event and then gradually bettering the same.

Eat Better

Let this be the year that you stop relying on power bars and junk meals as your main source of nourishment.

Yes, to opt for a healthy wholesome meal is easier said than done but when you’re in full-on event creation mode, busy and stressed, you always tend to grab whatever is easiest, that is if you have time to eat at all.

Try this: When you know you have a packed week ahead of you, make it a habit to stock your work desk, refrigerator, and go bag with healthy snack options at the beginning of each week so you can ditch the daily trips to the vending machine or the canteen. Discuss and find a colleague who wants to do this too and swap with each other. Variety and smart planning will help you to stick to your new healthy cycle.

Increase Social Media Marketing Knowledge

Everything is digital now. To have an event that’s digital first might as well be in your list to master. Though you have good intentions to improve your digital marketing know-how, do you really have the time? And just when you get the hang of something, designs change, and new trends emerge. How does one possibly cope up then?

Try this: Instead of working towards mastering digital marketing, select a platform that’s most impactful for your target audience and just focus on that. Then, commit to taking one online class after a few months gap to expand your knowledge on the same.

Manage your Workflow

Do you start from scratch every time a new event needs to be produced? Have dozens of post-it notes all around? If this is you then you’re probably micromanaging and multitasking yourself into a stressed situation, because you’re constantly trying to set your ways and striving to do it all in a go.

Try this: Most importantly, create a ‘team’ resolution to explore and find tools and processes that will help everyone communicate and collude more efficiently. Institute a weekly check-in with your colleagues. Use your time wisely to assign tasks, address priorities, and track progress.

Resolutions are great, but they can eventually end up having an adverse effect on your motivation if they are too hard to follow. Set more realistic expectations, take baby steps to achieve your goals.. The key to realising your resolutions is consistent determination to achieve them. Put a plan in motion and see it through and take help of others when needed. Have a happy & fulfilled 2019!

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