Power of Experiential Marketing

5,000.  Yes, that’s the number of advertisements a common person is exposed to daily. You look anywhere – your phones, televisions, outside your window, these ads are waiting, ready to pounce on you as soon as your eyes land on them. Advertisers do not leave a single platform to reach you whether it is online, t.v., radio, billboard, print etc. But how many of us even remember one ad out of the massive clutter that is thrown at us every day?

So, how will any brand or product effectively reach its customers?

Frankly, customers are extremely bored and tired of being exposed to countless advertisements every minute. They hate it that they’re continuously sold some or the other product.

But if you decide to move beyond normal promotions then Experiential Marketing is the answer for you!

Experiential Marketing is a very subtle and exciting way to promote and market anything. This kind of marketing doesn’t sell your product to the customer directly but actually makes them well versed with the product, creates enjoyable and inspiring experiences, and then encourages them to want that product for the rest of their lives. You don’t just get a one-time customer, but build a loyal and long-lasting friendly client and influencer.

How does experiential marketing create an impact on a person?

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Memory: There are many drinking water brands available in the market. But the first option everyone prefers is ‘Bisleri’. Why? Well, that’s the recall position the brand has created in the minds of its customers. This is exactly what experiential marketing does. It curates events that pay immense attention to the visuals, sounds, games, interactions, audience engagement, unique and beautiful set-ups because all these attributes will, in turn, create the top of the mind recall you desire for your brand. It will create ever-lasting good memories in the minds of all delegates which is the most appropriate way to promote any brand.

Connection : Even the law believes and trusts only the things the eyes have seen. Imagine the impact it would create on the mind of the client who has had the visual experience and personal connection with your brand. Excellently planned and executed events will always incorporate extremely engaging and interactive one-on-one communication that will make your customer feel absolutely privileged, pampered and precious to be a part of that particular brand family.

Reach : Ever heard, gossip spreads like a wildfire? Well, experiential marketing doesn’t spread gossip but it definitely spreads true and interesting facts through exceptionally well – planned events. If the event is extremely unique and has a good vibe, it makes the people talk which creates a buzz. And this buzz lasts even after the event is concluded on various social media platforms and even through word of mouth.

Voluntary : With experiential marketing, you have the option of designing an event that interests your audiences who in-turn will truly appreciate you attending the event. Unlike social media ads that are not personalised to each category. One important aspect to keep in mind while planning the event is to make sure you plan something that has a FOMO (fear of missing out) effect on the minds of the audience.

Authenticity : The biggest advantage of experiential marketing is the fact that it provides authenticity to all the delegates. An event is an ideal way to show people you’re a real brand with good intentions. Unlike other marketing platforms where many products are fake, untrue and disloyal.

Now that you know the importance of experiential marketing, the second step is to choose the right experiential marketing company for your brand. Shobiz, has the potential to be your one-stop solution to curate an event that creates a necessary impact on all your audiences and design an extremely enjoyable, fun, grand and active event.

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