Riding the Digital Wave

Ever sat back and reminisced about the good old days. Being a 70’s kid was definitely something. We were definitely the first to witness the firsts of many. Where the coolest techfactor was owning a Sony walk man and polka dots were the seasons trendsetters. Well of course there were some fashion faux pas as we would now call it, why I’m simply referring to our baggy clothes and printed shirts that I would never hear the end of, had I worn them in today’s age to my daughter’s musical performance. So if life back then was so good, carefree and fun, why are we so gung ho about being a part of today’s world? While the seventies were definitely the age of innocence, it’s here in 2016, where we’re living in the age of amazement.

Look around. Everywhere, people are no more looking up. They are glued to screens. Of Mobiles, Tabs, Laptops, Touch Panels, Kiosks, The works. Syncing with the pulse at the touch of their fingertips.  Right from telling my wife that I love her via whatsapp or booking a vacation for Shital, me and the kids via an online portal or for a matter of fact even digitizing all client events, I’m already a self-proclaimed Digital Junkie. Today going Digital not only saves time and preaches the vast advantages of real time, but also lets you converse with your audience, interact with speakers in real-time and participate in live debates via mobile apps. It is instantly connecting the world, making everything so accessible, it’s simply amazing.

From socially boosting campaigns from start to end, engaging audience through the latest in technology and building unique and innovative IP’s for clients across varied verticals, Digital has definitely raised the bar from what an event can be to what it should be! A testimony to that, Shobiz ensured that the 7th edition of APHRS was trending on all social media platforms, reaching people all across the globe and garnering a massive following weeks before the event itself, through a tailor made multi-pronged extensive social media and digital strategy. The event also showcased a suite of onsite interactive digital amplifications like the unique Speaker preview room, digital Kiosks and Barcode Scanners, successfully generating a huge buzz that engaged over 1500 global delegates from over 40 countries. Living true to the fact that the real power of communication lies in its reach.

And it’s in tapping this reach, where the true potential lies. The world is a small place made even smaller and more accessible through digitalization. It renders the power to turn raw ideas into an immersive reality. Giving brands the opportunity to engage with audience on a personal level. To go way beyond and ensure that experiences of today are way better than they were yesterday. Resulting in an increased digital foothold and a holistic event experience. Just like we did with Tata. We created a one stop multi-event app that the Tata Group could use across all their internal group events. Besides keeping all the event invitees updated in real time, the App seamlessly boosts interaction and engagement through its unique set of features like Q & A, Conversations and Polls. Keeping Tata in touch with its audience.

After all its things like this that really matter. Things like this that Change the Game. Establishing connections with the touch of technology. It’s time to evolve beyond the ordinary. It’s time to think Digital. To Redefine Experiences. Cause at the end of the day, “The opportunities that lie ahead are only limited by the boundaries of our imagination”

Sameer Tobaccowala

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