Silent Conference – An innovation in multiple conferences systems

Technology knows no limits! Take the example of organizing a huge, multiple conference event. Earlier, you would be distressed with the responsibility of looking for a big space, arranging several operations, scheduling various conferences, assigning them rooms, setting up places and all the paraphernalia. But with the advent of technology, an innovative way of organizing multiple meetings at the same time and the same place has come up called ‘Silent Conference‘.

Silent conferences are the biggest solution to the problem of space today.  Whether you’re looking to create a marketplace of ideas at your conference or you simply need to overcome the space challenges of your venue, a silent conference is an incredibly dynamic solution.
The concept is simple: Instead of amplifying presenters over a PA system, attendees at silent meetings use wireless receivers and headphones to listen to their speakers of choice.

This means large spaces could be split into smaller, more functional “virtual rooms.” The silent conference system allows you to hold several conferences with multiple speakers and listeners in the same room. All you have to do is set up different speakers in various corners of the room and have multiple microphones. Each orator is provided with his own set of microphones and each one of them is assigned to an individual channel.

Why was the concept introduced?

The concept of silent meetings was brought to existence due to necessity. As event budgets, narrow, meeting and event planners were forced to do more with less.

Following are a few more challenges faced:

  • Not having enough breakout rooms for concurrent sessions
  • Tight or restricted budgets
  • Using large single-room venues or in-house conference rooms, for cost-efficiency
  • Non-traditional venue for meeting setup
  • International guests needing interpreting services

How does Silent Conference work?

Just like a normal meeting or conference, silent meetings have a presenter(s) and an audience. Instead of the speaker pitching his or her voice across the room, it broadcasts the sound through an RF transmission system and the attendees receive the feed with a wireless receiver and headphones.

Delegates are provided with receivers and headphones, allowing them to switch between presenters/channels without creating any interference from one group to another. In reality, what was once a noisy scenario is now transformed into an efficient presentation with the sound level of a private conversation.

 What are its benefits?

 Saves money on additional room hires

Breakouts can be set up in one or more venue spaces to support simultaneous presentations. High-quality digital audio is delivered through individual delegate receivers, saving you and the client money on room hire

Save time between sessions

With Silent Conference, you can hire one large area and divide it into multiple breakouts. This allows delegates to seamlessly transition from a single plenary, into as many as 32 breakout sessions.

No Noise Restrictions
Since it is held in places with no PA system it’s completely noise proof and silent as the name states.
Keep them Focused
Sound spills can lead to an event malfunction.

But when your audience puts on the headphones they are immersed directly in the content, with no distractions.

Silent Conference is an innovative solution to organise your event, allowing you to be resourceful with your budget while ensuring that your client’s needs are met.

Shobiz‘s has always strived to deliver experiential brand solutions that impact our client’s businesses. For vforum’s latest in cloud infrastructure and business mobile technology debate, we installed Silent Session zones right in the middle of the demo-zone arena. It was a great event that witnessed the coming together of user experience, technology and customer delight, undoubtedly!

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