Skills To Look Out For While Hiring An Experiential Marketing Agency

Technology and Skills are the two driving forces while executing any event. While we know a lot about technology and how it plays a major role in designing successful events, we are not well aware about the skills part. Skills are the subtle part of an event that can never be taken for granted. Skills include everything: from strategizing, designing, structure, to execution. And to favorably implement all of these, an experiential communication agency must have on board a determined and precision- driven skilled team.

For decades now, Shobiz is known to curate impeccably stunning and flawless events. This has only been possible due to the innovative and creative brainstorming sessions of the strong and competent team behind every event.

Inspired by the team at Shobiz, here are some important skills one must look out for while selecting the suitable marketing company.

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Revenue-Driven Marketing: The main reason any brand thinks of organising an event is to increase their revenue share in the market. An event team must make sure to include activities that directly impact the revenue of the brand. Many a times, event planners feel their only responsibility is to design a fabulous event and not give a damn about the numbers. Well, in that case avoid opting for such marketing agencies.

Know Your Market: An event team that thoroughly understands the brand and it’s target audience will be the most beneficial company to that brand. Because nobody can attract customers better than the people who contain deep knowledge about them. This involves intricate research, data analysis, surveys and interaction with potential customers before even beginning to plan an event.

Create Phenomenal Customer Experience: In the 21st century, everything is customer driven. Every single thing depends upon how well you are able to please and satisfy you customer. Remember, a personalised and caring customer experience will not just create an impactful event but will give rise to many other positive aspects in the long run.

Become a Storyteller: If you want to be in the experiential event industry, then storytelling should run in your blood. Either children or adults, all love to hear and visualise a beautifully displayed story. Events that flow like a story connect with the audience on a much deeper level. An impressive example for exceptional storytelling in an event would be the launch of the Hershey’s Kisses in India.

Test Everything, Assume Nothing:  The major difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary marketing agency is that the latter always tests everything before the actual event takes place. This helps to rectify the mistakes and gives zero chances to any errors or glitches to occur during the live event.

Never Stop Learning: An experiential communication agency striving for greatness will never ever stop learning. Firstly, they will learn from their mistakes. And secondly they will always be looking for new advancements and innovation in the market to learn and understand from so as to curate unique and spectacular events.

As Larry Bird has wisely said, ‘A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.’

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