Stop Creating an Event, Build a Brand Experience

Don’t organize an event just for the sake of it, make it a meaningful one. Because your audience might not remember every detail of the event but will surely cherish the connection they felt with the brand during that event. This experiential connect is what makes any event truly successful. Therefore, it is imperative to strategize and conceptualize an event in a way where the brand properties are communicated/showcased to the audience.

Here are a few pointers that you must keep in mind while devising an event plan:

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Building a brand is all about being authentic. You can never go wrong in delivering an experiential brand event if you are being genuine. Before devising any event strategy, introspect on some basic but very vital areas such as: What is the identity of the brand?, How do we make the audience aware of the brand properties in an engaging way? This will help in avoiding any deviation; help you in planning an authentic and experiential event and not just any event.

Address the Audience:

Gone are the days when an event just consisted of a presentation by the speakers along with some refreshments for the attendees. Today, people give more value to two way communication. They want to be involved with the brand and event. So address your attendees, ask them for their inputs, hear their queries/feedback. Because at the end of the day it’s all about the audience and to what extent you are involving them in the brand, will define how well they connect with the brand and choose to be loyal to it.

Be Unique:

You will never be able to influence your attendees if your event is of a type which your attendees hear about every other day. Bring something to the table that has never been heard of before, something that sets your brand apart from the others. Give them something to distinguish & remember your brand by. For, a mind is always captured by the uniqueness of a brand/event.

For example, M&M’s ARcade, an experiential event wherein M&M launched their new range of candy using Augmented Reality. They set up an augmented reality games arcade in New York’s Times Square, giving the opportunity for passers-by to use their phones to turn static billboards into vintage arcade games.

Now, who wouldn’t remember such an unconventional experience!?

At Shobiz, we always work towards impacting a distinct brand identity to your event. Our aim is always to create a holistic brand experience and not just execute an event.

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