The Role of Digital Transformation in Experiential Marketing

Can any of us today, even imagine a world without Internet? The answer is no. It is impossible to avoid digitalisation because it has consumed us on such a large scale. But it has even helped us evolve tremendously. Today, we may sit in one corner of the world but we are aware of so many things happening all around us. It’s like, digitisation has made us globally literate. The 21st-century communication has not just changed but has evolved over the decades. Calling, Messaging, Video chats all happen in a snap of a second whether locally or internationally.

While we know how our everyday lives have been impacted by digitisation, we are here to understand How Digital Transformation impacts Experiential Marketing.

Digital Transformation In Experiential Marketing

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The successful marriage of the brand idea to a technological touch-point is key when one talks about the coming together of technology & experiential marketing. Thus, when technology and digital is used smartly and efficiently to elevate the brand experience, that’s when an event is digitally transformed!

The seamless integration of apps, registration technology like RFIDs & check-in kiosks has played a key role in adding that technological edge to events.

Truth be told, the reach, hype, and engagement that an app can create are outstanding and impossible for any other platform to recreate. Not to forget, how an app makes it possible to collect data and feedback pertaining to that event thus ensuring the better performance of future events.

Brand Story X Digital X Experiential Marketing

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Like mentioned above, the at the heart of a technologically advanced experiential marketing exercise is the ability to seamlessly, smartly bring technology into the mix.

What do we mean by that?

Take by example, the launch of a car. Now, one way to show the car to the media and the audience present is to raise the cloth from over the car or to do a classic kabuki drop.

A technologically sound way would be to unveil the car by way of using drones!

Just like the team at Shobiz planned & curated the unveil of the Mercedes AMG S63 Coupe.

The purpose of technology in an experiential marketing exercise is to truly elevate the experience of the brand and its perception in the minds of the key delegates. Having the key stakeholders leave the event having been further & strongly made to believe the brand story and to have converted them to brand influencers should be the goal.

For the brand strategists, content creators, visualisers working in domain of Experiential Marketing, the challenge lies in finding innovative yet highly relevant and relatable ways of bringing together technology, digital and experiences.

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