Top Challenges The Events Industry Is Facing In 2019

At this point in the New Year, your event related resolutions might be stumbling due to the rise in common event struggles and core challenges. The already existing challenges and some surprising new ones might have already made you question your goals for your business growth and event strategies in 2019.

If this is so, below, we bring to you a few trends to brainstorm on and tackle your most tenacious challenges.

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Challenge 1: Approaching New Attendees

There is absolutely no doubt in saying that the events industry is prospering. Thus this year there will be more events happening.

But with more events, come extra challenges and one; in particular, is finding new people to attend these new events.

So, it is no surprise that the number one challenge faced by event creators in the year ahead is reaching out to new attendees.

Solution: Refine your skills in marketing, promotion, social media, and community building.

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Challenge 2: Insufficient Budgets

There are chances that the budgets will grow in 2019, but still, the struggle to stretch the budgets will continue. Whether the budget your client has given you is small, adequate, or extravagant, there are chances that you will find the same challenging to work with.

Solution: To get your budget to work for you, it’s critical to make every buck count by mastering the art of budgeting.

It is important that you stress to your clients the volatile nature of the economy. It is of utmost importance that you build a buffer into your budget so that you are able to stick to it.

Challenge 3: Securing Sponsors for your Event

Last but not least is the challenge of acquiring event sponsors.

But competition for sponsors is intense.

Solution: Companies are in a race to get their brand name out in the public. Take advantage of this need. Find companies that are looking to establish themselves in the market and offer them attractive sponsorship packages so that you don’t miss on the key sponsorship.

Challenge 4: Event Infrastructure

The first stage of event planning involves establishing the event infrastructure requirements. These requirements could be for an indoor or an outdoor venue. A perfect venue which suits your event is doubtlessly one of the most important things for event success. Choosing a venue which augments your event will drastically bring down your event planning time and spending. And many a time finding such a venue with infrastructure availability is anguish.

Solution: Before you choose a venue, identify and analyse its infrastructure, facility requirements and options available based on a detailed review of all aspects. Check for all the areas of the venue and types of equipment accessible are safe or not. The task of identifying resources and equipment needed, bringing them on site and setting up in the required time takes careful planning.

We recommended choosing a venue which fits your event and adds a lot of value.

Challenge 5: Apt talent:

The key to a successful event is the right people with the right skills. Not having the right people managing an event can be a recipe for an unsuccessful event as well as business. Proper event staffing is critical, while improperly allocating resources is amongst the most common event management mistakes. One-person army tackling the whole event is an exhausting responsibility. And, also all the planning in the world cannot overcome deficiency of talent.

Solution: Event managers need to have full visibility into the skills and workload of all the resources.  A thorough assessment of resources at the outset of the planning process can provide good insights into their skills and aptitudes. Once their capabilities and talents are known it will become far easier to figure out how to allocate resources across the myriad elements and day-to-day work.

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