Wandering with Wanderlust

Recently on a flight back home, I read a book where the monk of leadership, Robin Sharma, said that a person is a reflection of the people he is surrounded by. Though this may be true to some extent, I also strongly believe that experiences play an extremely important and integral role in shaping a person. I am who I am today owing to every one of the countless experiences that have contributed to making me a success in the business of creating experiences. And now, as far as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory goes, I’ve reached the self-actualization phase. Where I’m on the quest for peak experiences that propel my personal growth and make my soul content. Where do I get such experiences? Well my travels are the best teacher, of course. By witnessing a bunch of cultures firsthand, I’ve learnt so much about the world that has broadened my mind’s horizon. And so, this time, my blog is not about business or trends. It’s simply just nostalgic me penning down some beautiful lifelong memories, I made with my lovely family.

At the beginning of every year I make it a point to slot in my list of pre-planned family vacations in my calendar, ensuring that no matter what, I get my yearly dose of soul food i.e. my travel time with my family. And with the kids growing up so fast, Tania’s already started having crushes and Aryan has a car wishlist, I want them to soak in as many experiences as possible and let their travels enhance their minds. And so recently, once again, I gave in to my wanderlust and decided to wander to a breathtaking place, I’ve wanted to visit since ages, with Shital and the kids. New Zealand.

From the time I picked out the place, the kids were ecstatic. Aryan had heard so much about this famous burger place atop a mountain from his friends at school and was so kicked about it. I mean the guy really does love his burgers. Tania was just as kicked about Bungee Jumping from the peak top. Honestly, Shital and I were just looking forward to a much deserved vacation from our hectic lives.

Touchdown in Queenstown and we were overwhelmed with the array of experiences it offered. Every single one of them incomparable. Yes, my son did get to his world famous Ferg Burger, after waiting in a line for an hour and a half. It really seemed like a rite of passage, but boy oh boy, one bite into this heavenly delicacy and I forgot all about the hour long wait and was onboard the global fan club instantly. Tania’s favourite time was when she bungee jumped off the Kawarau Gorge. Just watching her was so exhilarating. She was so excited and brave, though I being a father was scared to death watching her jump off the cliff. But then again you simply cannot come to Queenstown and not check out the bungee jumping. Well as for Shital and myself, we simply sat back and soaked in this experience of a lifetime. Surrounded by breathtaking sights in the company of the people we love the most.

From sipping on a world class pinot noir in a picturesque vineyard and snorkeling at Milford sounds, to thoroughly enjoyed our experience at the glacier park at Mt.Cook, I simply loved how the air reeked of freedom and joy. Here, I wasn’t the hyper boss whose to do list was endless. I was just a regular carefree man out with his family to have a great time. And we did just that. This vacation just couldn’t get any better! Infact it almost was at power with my all-time favourite vacation in Santorini back in the day. That beautiful Grecian land was the perfect calming anecdote to our travel thirsty souls. Everything was just so beautiful – Its iconic whitewashed buildings with sapphire domes, narrow crisscrossing walking paths and epic sunsets. Note to self: a definite must visit again!

New Zealand proved to be the perfect host to our kid’s adventurous sides and on my last day as I breathed in the fresh air on a beautiful evening sunset walk, hand in hand with the love of my life, I fell in love with life all over again. This was truly a soul satiating holiday in every aspect and we came back with many happy memories that could last us a lifetime! It would be an understatement to say that the impact this experience left me with was great. It was one of the Best Ever!

Till I jet set again,
Love, Light and lots of travel
Sameer Tobaccowala

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