Webcasting / Live-streaming – Technology that Enables you to reach a Wider Audience

Conducting an event is a great way of promoting a brand or its business. However, to make an event a huge success, there exist a few key-points that need to be incorporated. These include a comfortable, convenient venue, good speakers, transportation, stay (if the event is an outstation one) and so on.

However, in today’s tech-savvy world, it is imperative to go beyond the above mentioned staples. Integration of AI, using VR, creating a stage and a set-up that’s par excellence are prerequisites to hosting a super event.

Another great addition can be live-streaming the event.

This has two immediate pluses:

It helps you reach a much wider audience

The event gets a legitimate tech advantage

So, how can you integrate the same into your events? Read on to know more.

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Social Media Streaming Apps

The newest type of streaming is from the social media streaming apps. This streaming is provided by large platforms, like Facebook (Facebook Live), Instagram (Instagram Live) and Twitter (Periscope). All these apps are free of cost and available on any smartphone app store.

Live Streaming Platforms

There are almost endless number of live streaming platforms intended at both commercial and non-commercial markets which permit one to embed a live stream into a website. These providers provide a kind of ‘webcast player’ that can be installed on the website, sometimes a ‘microsite’ (a website designed to watch on). And the advantage of this is, that unlike the social media providers they don’t tend to put limitations in terms of streaming length.


Web conferencing is an invite-only, closed system. The stream can only be seen by those people who have authority to watch (usually from the person holding the conference). This is a great option for those, who want to reach out to a wider audience, but don’t want to make their event public.

Now, that we’ve answered the question of HOW, let us go the WHY?

Here’s why live streaming should be a part of your event:

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Reach a Wider Audience

When it comes to physical events, you will always be limited by space. However, live streaming breaks these limitations. Like mentioned above, you can literally have n number of people taking part in your event. Live streaming makes the event convenient for people, irrespective of their geographical location or time constraints.

Be In Sync with the Mobile Generation

Everybody uses smartphones. In fact, half of the videos online are viewed on phones. In order to keep up with today’s customer, it is necessary for businesses to adopt a mobile strategy. By live streaming your event, you’re providing potential customers to view your content on the go. This will help you tap into a new and significant customer base.


When it’s about any investment, it is necessary to track or monitor the returns. In case of live streaming, you can instantly have access to analytical and tracking tools. These tools can be used to measure the impact of the event right away. You can examine metrics such as engagement, number of viewers and customer behaviour.  As a result, you will know precisely how future events need to be conducted.

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