Why more Brands are Opting for Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing as the name suggests is all about creating an experience for consumers, rather than organizing an event with the plain objective of marketing/selling the products. Experiential marketing events crafts that emotional connect between the brand and its stakeholders. A strong brand connect is all it takes to influence a customer’s loyalty towards the brand and thereafter his buying decisions.

There are number of reasons why experiential marketing is currently the most sought after practice in the business world. Here are our top picks.

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Increased Brand Awareness

When it comes to experiential marketing the creation of brand awareness is not just limited to the people who are first-hand witnessing or experiencing your marketing efforts. According to the Event Track 2016 survey, 98% consumers create social content at events that are high on experiences and 100% of them share this content. Thus, generating a ripple effect and helping the brand reach out to territories which one might not have even imagined to reach out to.

Participation & Engagement

Experiential events make two way communication possible, giving the event organizer (brand) a chance to have a direct one to one interaction with the audience, get their honest feedback, and make them realize that their opinion matters. It also allows the stakeholders to understand the brand and get an insight into the business and its values, thereby turning them into your loyal customers. As Howard Schultz says, “If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”

Building Positive Relationships

“Business is all about building relationships”

Build relationships and those relationships will make your business flourish. Thankfully, experiential marketing events are the perfect platform to do the same.

Organizing events, where the aim is not just to sell the product or idea but to provide a memorable experience to the stakeholders, gives them a sense of being valued, and this in-turn brings them closer to the brand. An exercise like this will eventually build strong and positive relationships between the brand and stakeholders.

At Shobiz Experience, the focus is always on creating experience driven events that rightfully connect the brand with its audiences. The effort is always to bear the values and the ethos of the brand in mind, and then to translate that into the event.

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