Case Study SAP Family Day

    Shobiz ensured registration for the 13000+ people was a breeze, by using color coded wrist bands that made it easier to segregate and register the huge number. 4000 + employees received their wrist bands without delay and the biggest task at hand of ensuring a hassle free entry to the venue for the 13000+ guests on arrival, was executed with great precision and perfection to the T. And with 13000+ people in attendance, parking was bound to be a primary concern. Shobiz, equipped with a secure strategy and efficient taskforce seamlessly managed the parking and exit of 5000 odd cars and two wheelers without

    creating any Jams or lockouts. Over The festival saw a crescendo of breathtaking performances by veteran singers and musicians like Pritam who kept the spirit decibels on an all-time high .The event was a smashing success and the undying smiles on the faces of each and every SAP family was testimony to that, making this event truly one for the books!

  • Specifics

    4 Offices, 13000+ Attendees, 90+Activities, 1 Mega Celebration. The SAP Family Day – Together Fest 2016 was all this and much more. Celebrating 20 years of making India future ready, SAP along with Shobiz as its Events partner, hosted a larger than life, mega bash for The SAP workforce and their families. 90+ activities took place simultaneously across the venue and engaged delegates from each and every age group. Impeccable execution played a prominent role in an event of this stature, owing to SAP Labs India and Shobiz’s long standing fruitful association since 2004.
    Honouring that association and like all our SAP events, Shobiz ensured that this Family Day would be a once in a lifetime event for SAP Labs India. The massive fold of barren land in and around KTPO Convention Center was transformed into a huge beautiful setup for the event.