In today's competitive BTL space, great copy, fantastic art direction and an award winning film can get you to the finishing line. But what happens after that. How do you remain a winner and notch up your performance to win once again? Real results demand much more. That's why, we at Shobiz offer you a suite of integrated services. So that irrespective of audience, market, objective, budget or geography, you are always a step ahead. We ideate and deliver a wholesome solution, triple the impact, implement it with scale and track key metrics of engagement and ROI at every milestone, taking your brand to the next level.

"In the complex and busy BTL space great copy, fantastic art direction and an award winning film can only get you so far."

The Big Idea is important. But its seamless execution is the Big Deal! Our familiarity with the nuances of diverse mediums backed by a pool of talent across a range of creative disciplines – architecture, graphic design, web design, application design and copyenable us to weave a seamless campaign web across multiple touch points using the most impactful mediums while ensuring overall conformity to the brand.

Our team understands and internalizes your brand positioning and your marketing objectives. This is the dual lens through which we then analyze the market landscape, the audience and the competition – and the resultant white space. Using this research as a foundation we originate plans for the white space and create an empirical and data driven approach which guides and informs the creative leap and is sure to result in campaigns which are disruptive yet brand centric and absolutely unique.

From the most complex projects to the seemingly simple ones, attention to detail and micro-planning are as important as the larger picture. Be it budgeting, venues, vendor networks, talent or a slew of other non-typical demands, chances are that the Shobiz team has been there, done that and come home with the t-shirt. Little wonder then, that we're trusted with high stake initiatives like flagship brand properties, Global CIO and CEO meets and corporate VVIP events.

Malls, corporate parks and residential areas have long lost their erstwhile dominant position in the A&P lexicon. Audiences' today demand to be wooed in an interactive manner which recognizes and reflects the individuality and uniqueness of each prospect. We owe some of our most innovative (and award-winning) Shobiz initiatives in this space to our key strengths – channels and tools. New channels which pleasantly surprise the audience with an opportunity for Brand Engagement and New Tools which hold out the promise of a different experience and thus invite the audience to enter into a conversation with the Brand.

We have an array of, Off the Shelf Comprehensive Destination Tour Packages, catering to numerous corporates, comprising of end to end services in the form of travel, accomodation and on site solutions, designed to suit every budget, season and occasion. In addition, we conceptualize and assemble bespoke experiences to capitalize on global sporting and cultural spectacles.

Audience Acquisition
Shobiz executes the entire marketing process right from data acquisition which involves mining high quality, updated and relevant database, ensuring the hygiene and validation of any existing client data, broadcasting the stimulus package across the selected mediums & response management

Lead Generation Program
Shobiz help to get quality leads (HOT, WARM, COLD) through response and database management.

Database Validation & Profiling
You got the DB but its old and decaying? Shobiz helps you verify any data and get you updated required DB fields.

DB mining
You know your target audience but don’t have data? No problem. Shobiz builds data as per any industry vertical, across country, any company size, across contact profiles i.e. CXOs, Decision marker, influencer or recommender

Email Campaign
Send better email, Sell more stuff! Shobiz identify your target audience and send product emailers, newsletter, monthly/quarterly updates on Shobiz updated and relevant database or on your prospect/customer base.

SMS marketing

Whatsapp marketing
Our service helps you send - Promotional Text, Video, Audio and Image Messages

Direct Mailer / Design
Shobiz executes sending hard copies to TA and help in design as well

Onsite / Event Registration Support
Ensure the guest arrival process runs smoothly by using Shobiz on-site tools. OnArrival allows planners and event staff to check attendees into events and sessions as fast as possible. Staff can search the list of their current registrants by search, quick alphabet navigation, or scanning a barcode/RFID. All data syncs seamlessly and automatically with the Shobiz Event Management System.

Specifically from the BTL perspective, Digital and Social platforms present huge opportunities for Brands to amplify their presence in a cost effective manner. Likewise, for marketers, the challenge is to come up with a plan that has traction both on ground as well as online. Shobiz has a core team of in house specialists who collaborate and pitch in the creative process from Day 1, ensuring that the final program has potential both on ground and online.

Far more than a piece of code, an application enhances a brand's presence via a strategically placed window of ongoing interaction with the Target Audience and enables them access to relevant information at suitable intervals. Shobiz has a team of design and development experts who collaborate to address the UI/UX and backend requirements of any application.

Having invested in the multiple elements required to assemble a great experience, the quality of audience consuming this experience becomes paramount. Armed with an understanding of your brand, its value proposition and the dynamics of the target group, Shobiz is in a unique position to mine data of qualified prospects as a precursor to a focused marketing campaign. Shobiz executes the entire marketing process right from data acquisition which involves mining high quality, updated and relevant records, ensuring the hygiene and validation of any existing client data, broadcasting the stimulus package across the selected mediums, response management with additional tactical stimulus in case of any sub-par responses to payment gateways and closing the deal. In addition Shobiz also offers a Sponsor and Partner Marketing service through which we formulate liaisons with Sponsors and Partners, outline the various opportunities and entitlements, assist in booth design, collateral, stand management etc.

The Medium is the Message – an adage that seems to prove its increasing relevance with each passing day. Cool technology, gizmos and devices have time and again proved that they have a larger than life audience. Shobiz has its own bunch of tech-heads who are in sync with the latest tech trends and are constantly finding new ways to hack and repurpose them. So whatever your requirement is, 3D Video, Augmented Reality, Oculus Rift, Multi Touch surfaces, RFID, gesture control, face recognition or in most cases, something that onlya tech savvy person can comprehend, we have onboard a suite of advanced technology solutions to enhance the overall campaign message.

To bake the perfect croissant you need to start with the humble loaf. We're proud to say that the nuts and bolts of the business was in fact when we started out, three and a half decades ago! And if there's one department at Shobiz which believes that perfection is a journey rather than a destination, it's our Staging and Rental division. Constantly seeking more efficient, cost effective and client friendly solutions while displaying an enduring mastery over their subject matter, these are the guys who can make the impossible, possible.

Delegate Tracker
Who all registered, Attended, Not-Attended the event? Showed interest on emailer? We track delegate behavior/requirement on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis across all regions. This will help to take proper action against HOT, WARM, COLD and Non Interested delegates for any campaign.

Database Collation / Merging
We help merge multiple DB files/sheets into one consolidated / Master File

DB Formatting & Standardization
We help cleaning DB of any size in standard format.

DB Deduplication
We help you in removing contact duplication and make data unique / singularity