Event Creativity – an imperative measure

“Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.  Innovation is the production or implementation of an idea. If you have ideas but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.”

— Linda Naiman

Creativity is a process and not an event

You remember “Theory of Gravity’ by Sir Issac Newton?

It did not happen by itself, there was a series of thought processes which led to this great invention. The falling apple was the symbol of an example of a creative moment.

Creativity is that moment in an individual’s life when an inspired genius fills the brain with those ‘light bulb moments’ when the conditions are just right. The falling apple thus ignited a series of thought processes which carried on for years. Hence, we can say that creative thinking is a process and not an event.

No creativity, no innovation… no point.

It’s important to dig deeper on a request or a discussion, push boundaries, open up possibilities, entice conversation, add some colour to something that is otherwise a little static. That’s what dipping your toes in the creative pool is about. If you’re working as part of a team, once you press yourselves into a creative space and start just throwing ideas down, you’ll see how infectious and quickly it comes about, even within yourself. If you say, I’m not creative? Rubbish, you’re surrounded by catalysts to spark creativity inside you, if you take the time and effort.

Importance of creativity in events

Straight up, anyone can throw an event. It’s no more associated with design and décor. The only factor that will make a difference is the element of ‘creativity’.

When we use it in a correct manner then it can lead to a memorable experience for the clients and also helps in making the right connections that can potentially have a positive impact on the brands and the company.

Every event that is organised has a 360° experience on the guest from what s/he sees, hears, touches and smells. Each aspect that we have talked about can be given a new definition as far as creativity is concerned. From the point of invitation to the departure of the guest from the venue, creativity is like an injection that will help the guest to get the right value or ROI (Return on Investment) from the event. So, we need to be more creative in our thinking and how we apply this to all aspects of an event. Focus on each specific area and simply see how you could vastly improve it and make it more memorable. If you want people to remember your brand, your event, a creative approach and creative delivery is the key.

Creativity the essence of success

It is absolutely important for an event company/agency to push themselves to new boundaries and also open up possibilities, add colour to the conversations and also add a new dimension to a client’s request. Brainstorming of ideas is an important exercise that every event individual must practice as this will help to bring the best imaginative power of the team and will add vigour to the creative aspects of the event. It is rightly said that creativity is contagious and it spreads easily.

It can be truly said that that in today’s ever-growing competitive world, creativity and innovation are the two main growing demands of the clients. It is essential to understand that we can get the same result by adding to equal numbers or two different numbers, for example, 3+3=6 or 4+2=6, in both cases the result is the same but the digits are different, hence there can be alternate methods of doing the same thing which would only be possible by creative thinking. Understand, it can be achieved through a combination of pioneering ideas with concrete remedies which can add an extra bit of surprise and delight for the clients.

It is very important therefore to understand ‘creativity’ as a core of event success. The Big Idea is important. But its seamless execution is the Big Deal! Shobiz’s familiarity with the distinctions of diverse mediums backed by a pool of talent across a range of creative disciplines like architecture, graphic design, web design, application design etc enables us to weave a seamless experience across multiple touchpoints using the most impactful mediums while ensuring overall conformity to the brand. Having the experience of 37 years in this creative space, Shobiz has thrown as many layers of creativity to the experiences to ensure that our execution meets the expectations and make a memorable walk away for each guest.


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