How Can AR and VR Enhance Your Events?

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:  two immensely powerful ideas and technologies that have the potential to change the face of one too many industries, lives and the way in which we consume media & experiences.

To make understanding these technologies possible, let’s break them down.

Virtual Reality: It has the ability to transfer you to a world of imagination with the aid of the three-dimensional computer-generated environment. In simple words, you are able to create a real-life setting with the help of technology. In a normal setting, to incorporate virtual reality one would require headgears, gloves, and other accessories to execute a multi-sensory experience.

Augmented Reality: It combines the environment around you with technology to deliver effects that one can see and communicate through their smartphones and other screens. Two standard examples of AR are Pokemon Go and Snapchat.

Now you must be wondering how can AR and VR be beneficial to the experiential events industry. Well, the answer is quite simple. All you need is a futuristic approach!


Virtual Venues and Attendees: To be honest, renting a famous location that can encompass only ‘n number’ of attendees is such a repetitive format. We really need something new, something different. Well, we believe, virtual venues are the new space to look out for. The freedom that virtual venues bring about for event planners and delegates can be phenomenal. How convenient it will be to sit at our homes or office space or even cafes and easily attend any event virtually without being bothered about the time and travel constraint! And for event organisers, sponsors, and brands, it will be like winning a big lottery ticket. Simply because, the venue cost, food, and beverage cost and all other miscellaneous expenses will disappear. And the bonus to it will be a way larger audience interaction than they have ever imagined in a real set-up area.


Experience Products and Spaces: All international conglomerates/brands that have humongous products will easily relate to this. Take for example, cars. Have we ever seen any car event organised in a small, cramped space?



Because, cars are huge! They need massive areas to flawlessly display their unique and incredible features. They need space where attendees can look at the product turn by turn. Here’s where Augmented Reality can play a crucial role. All you need to do is supply your clients with headsets through which they can interact with your product with the help of technology and computer generated overlays. We are not far from developing an augmented world that will put an end to all old stereotypes and open up the path to imagination and innovation.

Most importantly, AR and VR are extremely helpful in creating a strong emotional bond with the consumers. They are able to capture the attention of every individual in such a breathtaking manner that no other keynote speaker or presentation or video will ever be able to do.  If you desire to truly create a great impact and leave a beautiful long-lasting memory of your brand on your customer’s minds then AR and VR are just the technologies you need to look out for.

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