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Last November Aryan (my son who was a few months from being a teenager) got his way with me and eventually ended up going to the Big Boy Toys Expo. The technology he saw there amazed his mind and crafted him into a self-proclaimed tech buff overnight. Nowadays whenever he comes across cool technology at any of our events, he passionately recalls his experience at The Big Boys Toys Expo, making me smile and think how the fine art of appreciation and creation of innovative experiences may run in his blood after all. After his first love for football of course. He was so excited with how, at every touch point of the Big Boys Expo, technology was shown in a new light. A new avatar. What seemed to touch Aryan was how the use and magnificence of technology showcased and encrypted into every essence of Big Boys Toys made it seem so accessible, helping him build an instant connect with the event. It all was all so easy and innovative. All at the tip of his little fingertips.

Come to think of it it’s the same with every one of us. When attending an event what is the one thing that you take away from it? Apart from a million brochures and a pen drive containing the same redundant content. You takeaway the experience of having witnessed something new and exciting at that event. It could simply be anything enhanced with technology that gave it a whole new spin. As long as it managed to imprint that Wow factor on your brain, the brand was successful in leaving an impression on you. Take for instance our jig with Renault KWID. Resonating with their theme ‘Live for more’, the Renault KWID 40+ city activation took technology to the next level. Bringing alive the experiential element, the onsite technology engagements like Oculus Rift was a big hit with the attendees and drew huge traction. Simply because it gave them an out of the box experience to take home with them.

There has been a qualitative breakthrough in augmented reality systems thanks to Oculus Rift (Facebook) and Magic Leap (Google). Giving attendees an opportunity to experience some of the most exclusive experiences.

Renault Kwid

Nowadays it’s fascinating how beautifully technology is used to enhance an event’s overall messaging. Just the way we used it to increase Abbott’s brand visibility amongst all other booths at the recently held TEDx Gateway. Our task was to create a wow experience for delegates which aligned with the brand’s theme of helping people “Live Life to the Fullest“. And to bring alive the experience and set it a class apart, Shobiz infused it with next level cutting technology engagement elements like Slingshot live tweets, a magnetic puzzle wall, a life-size Chroma key screen and an I capture booth. The audience simply loved it and were seen actively engaging with these elements, leaving our clients very happy.

Abbott TedX Pavilion

At the end of the day, there’s simply no better feeling in the world than that of success. To go beyond the ordinary and make it extraordinary. To keep bringing new things to the table. To keep the Discovery alive. After all isn’t life all about being dramatic, making proud memories and adding that extra zing to each and every experience along the way!

Sameer Tobaccowala

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